Thursday, February 19, 2009 Lists Top 10 Ideas for Food & Beverage Industry

Image from, "One of the World's Leading Sources of New Business Ideas Powered by a Network of 8,000+ Spotters"  released late last year, their idea picks from around the world to watch that will promote opportunities and inspiration in 10 different industries. 

The article has been a top 5 favorite read on the site for some time and currently is #1. 

Although I have featured the Food & Beverage Industry picks here, do take a look at their picks in other industries as there are also some amazing and interesting concepts to discover; some food oriented as well. Under "Retail" for example is one of my favorites. Idea #6; is an Etsy (hand crafted items marketplace) geared to those who produce and buy Artisinal Food. 

Here is the the Top 10 Food & Beverage Industry list with the actual links to all the ideas shown here. Are there any inspiring ideas here where you can incorporate some element into your menus or presentations at your venues? Whether yes or no, I am sure you will find some interest to you professionally or even to enjoy for yourself.

  1. Graze — Healthy snacks, delivered by mail in serving sizes
  2. Geschmackslabor — Taste lab restaurant lets customers add flavour to their meals
  3. Honibe — Honey without the mess
  4. Catch a Piece of Maine — Adopt a Maine lobster trap
  5. Bin Ends — Wine tastings via Twitter
  6. Tcho — Next-gen chocolate makers
  7. Pink Flamingo Pizza — Balloon-enabled pizza picnic delivery
  8. WineSide — Wine by the trial-sized tube
  9. Morsels — Bakery focuses on bite-size treats
  10. Sonntagmorgen — A customized cup of joe

Bonus | And three more that we just had to squeeze in:

  • Kids Konserve — Reusable lunch kit for kids
  • Volute — Single-serve wine flaunts its portability (and eco credentials)
  • Eatbite — Mapping restaurants by photos of their dishes 

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Article by Tracey Kumer-Moore

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