Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Involved!!

2009 Event Professionals SHOWCASE

Can you win & become "Chairman of the Board"?

Showcase your business in the 2009 Event Professionals Showcase! This year's theme is NACEOPOLY, and each exhibitor will be a "property" and the visitors must visit all the properties or risk "Going to Jail"!

¤ Free to Attend

¤ Free to Exhibit (NACE members only, please)

¤ Free Furniture if needed from Somer's Furniture

¤ Historical Records show large attendance¤ Great Networking Opportunity

If exhibiting: Get Creative with your Street Name by using a variation on your business name: alley, artery, avenue, back street, boulevard, expressway, highway, parkway, passage, pathway, roadway, route, street, thoroughfare, throughway, thruway, turnpike, beat, beeline, byway, circuit, course, detour, short cut, track, trail, etc.

Examples: Somer's Furniture Expressway, Bridal Spectacular Plaza, VegasVows.Depot

To register to attend: Register here at

To register to Exhibit: Please contact Monica Morgan at, also to download the application

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